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I have noticed quite a big number of visits by people from countries other than Poland. To help them get the information they are looking for, I decided to publish some of the posts in English. The translation is prepared by my sister, Dorota.

Alcohol with herbs has always been a prickly subject for me. I don’t like, for example, Italian inventions such as vermouths or herbal liquors drank before or after a meal. An uncommon mixture of a big amount of herbs, however, provides an interesting alternative to well known tastes. It turns out that we can not only sip them slowly but also mix something interesting. The main character for today is one of such liquors, straight from Germany. Yes, you’re right- it’s Jagermeister. Despite its German origin, it can be said that it is a real world citizen. Namely, it is liquor which consists of 56 different herbs and spices from all over the world. There’s a cinnamon bark from Ceylon, a peel of bitter orange from Australia, sandalwood from India, ginger-race from southern Asia, plus juniper berries, rosemary and many, many other things. The alcoholity is 35%, which is quite a lot. Jagermeister tastes best served cold, even to -20o Celsius, and after a meal. The liquor is called Jagermeister because its inventor, Curt Mast, was a keen hunter. “Jager” means hunter and “Meister” means master. I hope that German speaking people visiting this site can confirm this. Today I would like to suggest drinking this liquor in a slightly sweeter shape – as an ingredient of drinks.

The first one is a Jager Monster:

  • put some ice to a highball glass,
  • pour 50 ml Jagermeister,
  • fill up with orange juice leaving some space
  • mix it
  • pour 10 ml of grenadine on top and let it fall down
  • decorate with a slice of orange
  • add a straw

As befits drinks with grenadine, we get quite a sweet mixture. We could call it an herbal Tequila Sunrise. Herbs and spices can be sensed, although personally, for me it tastes much better than Jagermeister by itself.

The second drink for today is a California Surfer:

  • put some ice to a shaker
  • pour 50 ml Jagermeister
  • pour 50 ml Malibu liquor
  • pour 150 ml pineapple juice
  • shake
  • put some ice to a highball glass
  • pour the drink
  • add a straw

California Surfer

It looks a bit like a dark wheat beer with characteristic foam. It tastes completely different. At first we can sense the sweetness of the juice, than an aftertaste of coconuts from Malibu, and finally the herbal taste with stronger aniseed aroma. Quite interesting. All I can suggest is to get those three ingredients and try it yourselves.


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